Dompig & Natalee's grave

28 Mar

Diary thursday march 23 (Nederlandse tekst: klik hier) The police on Aruba say that they have an indication of where Natalee Holloway might be buried. It was on television, is what Gerald Dompig, who is the corps chief of the Aruba police, told the American news channel CBS. I would be surprised if Dompig would find something. Dompig already proved himself not to be the smartest person on earth; in February he announced that he had gotten a phone call from a crying man, who told him that he couldn’t live anymore with knowing what he knew: the place where Natalee was buried, and approximately the precise place. What Dompig said about that was: "We don’t have any doubt whether this statement was true or not, for it was obvious to us that this man called us out of a feeling of guilt, with which he couldn’t live anymore." This particular man was calling from a different country, and was speaking in Papiamento. Chief Dompig said that it was evident to him that Natalee passed away while she was hanging out with the Kalpoe brothers and Joran, and that they buried her. This has already been a month an a half ago. The police was going to work with special dogs from the Netherlands within two weeks, and they were also going to use never before used ground radar devices to search for Natalee. It stayed quiet. Quiet, until CBS thought it necessary to put some more oil on the fire.


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  1. Greet at 4:17 am #

    Hendrik Jan, er was breaking news in de tijd. Mijn vrienden belden me vauit Aruba en ik zette in Nederland CNN aan. Een van de 3 had zogenaamd toegegeven dat Natalee ergens begraven lag en zou de politie naar de plek brengen. Echter, het bleek dat dit toch allemaal een “roddel” was, uitgelekt door iemand die dicht, of in de buurt van het onderzoek zat zal ik maar zeggen Dus breaking news op alle kanalen in de tijd, maar er was geen nieuws.

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